General care terms for beginners

Light care

Low moderate Will tolerate shady condition, but wll thrive in bright, indirect light.

Bright, indirect Will enjoy a position that recieves diffuse bright light, avoid direct sunlight to avoid damaging foilage.

Bright, direct Thrives off birght light and will tolerate and appreciate some direct sun.


Water care

Low Water roughly once per fortnight or when the majoirty of the soil has dried out.

Moderate Water roughly one a week, when the first 5cm of soil has dried out.

High Water roughly twice per week, when teh soil surface has dried out.

Misting Spritz your plant leaves with a spray bottle or one of Haws Misters filled with water once every few days or so to increase humidity levels.


Soil Care

Well-draining Water is able to drain easilty with the addtion of perlite, which increases aeration while retaining valuable nutrients. This mix is perfect for majority of indoor plants.

Moisture-retaining A potting mix that retains moisture with addition of peat or compost.

Coarse + sandy A potting mix with a high ratio of sand and grit, which allows water to quickly drain away from the roots. This mix is perfect for dessert dwellers.


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