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Pet Friendly Plants




The pilea plant family has many varieties, each with attractive and unique foliage.

Our favourite is Pilea Peperomioides, otherwise known as the Chinese Money Plant, which features round, lilypad-like leaves on long, thin stems.




 Spider Plant

This spiky number with green and white striped foliage is easy to grow andgood at removing toxins from the air. The spider plant is also tough, making it an excellent candidate for the houseplant newbie.





Calatheas are popular houseplants thanks to their striking foliage. Their  gorgeous foliage gives calatheas the common names peacock, zebra or rattlesnake plant. Position Calthea's in a well-lit spot but out of direct sunlight.  




When choosing apot for your pet-friendly indoor plant, make sure to pick a sturdy pot that won’t tip over easily.

Another idea is the use of a plant stand to keep the plant out of reach of mischievous pets, or consider suspending plants from the ceiling in hanging pots so they're kept away from curious paws!

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