5 indoor plants which will do well in low light areas

Everyone loves indoor plants, thats a given. There are so many benefits to adding some greenery to your home or office area, they can can purify our air, promote feelings of happiness, inspiration and wellbeing, and they reconnect us with nature. Plants that survive in low light also require less water, which means that even those with a black thumb stand a chance of raising a new green friend.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies continue to do well in low light during spring and summer, but for best growth and more flowers, move them into moderate to bright, indirectlight. 

Parlour palm

One of the great attributes of the Parlour Palm is its ability to thrive in lower light conditions and artificial lighting. It keeps growing without skipping a beat in a lower light setting, where many indoor plants will fail to thrive.

Zanzibar Gem

This low light indoor plant prefers indirect light, and the amount of water it needs depends on the amount of light it gets. Lots of sun means lots of water, less sun means less water. However, the zanzibar gem will prefer a low light interior.


Sometimes called fancy-leaf begonias, Rex Begonias can tolerate less light than other begonias, and can also live under fluorescent lights.

Be careful not to overwater though, and use a fertiliser at half strength every couple of weeks.

Maiden har fern

Most ferns do well inside with low light, and pretty and soft Maidenhair Ferns thrive when they’re out of direct sunlight. They are OK with both cool and warm spots, but they do require humidity to grow well.

To DIY humidity, place your pot plant on a saucer filled with pebbles and water, which will provide moisture in the air as it evaporates around the fern.

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