Begonia FAQ

Begonia Maculata at a glance

Botanical Name: Begonia Maculata
Other Names: Polka Dot Plant, Begonia Maculata Widgtii, Spotted Begonia
Watering Requirements: Regular watering but chance of root rot
Lighting Requirements: Bright indirect light
Humidity Requirements: Humid
Soil Type: 
Well draining soil


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Begonia Care

Everything you've ever wanred to know about Begonia care.

The Begonia Maculata prefers things to be on the shadier side as with most of our other tropicals.

Keep your plant out of direct sunlight or you will notice the leaf tips starting to scorch and you may notice the colour fading on the foliage.

Instead opt for a brightly lit part of your room that receives light but no direct sunlight.

You should see your plant thrive under these conditions!

As this plant thrives in the tropics, it should come as no surprise to you that it requires much higher humidity than some of the other houseplants you may have in your house.

If you already live in a humid environment then the moisture in the air should be enough to keep your plant healthy but if you live somewhere with drier air then you may find yourself stepping in to help your plant stay healthy.

You might find that daily misting helps your plant or a pebble tray is another alternative.

Propagation can be done through cuttings.

Simply cut below the leaf to make sure that there is stem intact and place into water.

Here you can watch the roots grow and when you have around 2 inches of roots your plant is ready to be put into soil.

Bright indirect light will help your Begonia Maculata to flower.

If you keep your plant in dim light then it is less likely to bloom.

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