Unboxing your plant mail

Thank you for your recent order and we hope that you received your plants in as good as condition as when they left our care.

Once you've received your package, please do not delay unwrapping your plants as they have been eagerly waiting to meet you whilst in transit and we're sure you have been eagerly waiting for them as well. 

Once you have opened the box, you will notice that your plants have been carefully wrapped to minimise the stress of travelling.

Your plants may look a little bit 'tired' from all the travelling they have been doing but soon will perk up to their normal, awesome self once they have had a little love and care from you!

Your plants were sent semi bare rooted, we recommend potting with a prwatering and a light dose of liquid fertiliser to ensure your plants acclimate to your environment.

We love keeping in touch with our plant babies and their new plant parents so don't forget to take a photo of your new plant and tag us to let us know that you have received them all safe and sound! 

Can't wait to hear back from you! 

The Suburban Jungle Team!

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